Tuesday, January 22, 2008

In Atlanta Babies Sun and GWT!

I went to Atlanta at the beginning of January for a week to see my brother’s first baby!

While I was there, I was able to attend Sun Tech Days. For the most part, the conference was a snore but hey, it was a free event. I did meet some cool folks like Stacy Thurston. He was teaching an AJAX fundamentals training course during which he was kind enough ask me to speak to the class about GWT. I am not an expert or anything but, I am willing to play the evangelist role for a few minutes. It’s always neat to see people’s reaction to debugging real Java code executing in the browser.

One thing that was a amusing at the conference was when Gosling dropped the f-bomb in front of a whole room of conference attendees. He unapologetically let it out while responding to a comment about how saving a compressed image in Python takes one line of code while in Java it takes a couple dozen.

I had almost given up hope on the GWT developers hosting a meet-up that I had suggested. But they pulled it together and gave several folks the opportunity to meet most of the GWT development team. It really is great that they are willing to make contact with the community and share where things are going.